• “High performance and anodized aluminum parts are produced using the GISS Technology.”

  • “Shrinkage and gas porosity are greatly reduced by the GISS Technology.”

  • “The GISS Unit can be used with die casting machines of any brands and sizes.”

News & Events

GISSCO won the Second Prize at AEA 2014 in Japan

GISSCO won the 2nd prize at the Asian Entrepreneurship Award  2014 (AEA) during July 13-15, 2014 in Japan. AEA is a business competition originating from Japan, that gathers young entrepreneurs from all over Asia in order to spread their innovative technology across the globe. ...Read More

The GISS Technology is Featured in a Japanese Newspaper

jap news2.png

The GISS Technology is featured in a well-known technical Japanese newspaper, The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. The article titled “Sekai-no-Kigyo (Companies in the World)” describes the GISS unit and its benefitsRead More