Cast 7075 Composite Armor Plates

The GISS Technology has been applied to produce armor plates that can defeat 7.62 mm ball rounds (NIJ Level III standard). Armor plates were made of Aluminum 7075-T6 reinforced with SiC preforms. The prototype GISS-MMC armor plates have been applied in the armor system in an armored attack boat of the Thai Navy.

High-quality Tin Plates

To produce a slider head of a hard disk drive, the lapping process is one of the most critical processes. In the lapping process, sliders are polished on soft tin alloy plates embedded with diamond abrasive particles to the desired shape, size and surface quality. The quality of the sliders after lapping depends greatly on the consistency and soundness of the tin alloy plates.

Prosthetic Components

The Ortho-X below-knee prosthetic system is being commercialized by GISSCO. The system consists of three GISS die cast adaptors, a commercial polymer foot, and an extruded aluminum tube.

The Ortho-X prosthetic system with the GISS die cast adaptors (356-T6 alloy) has passed a dynamic test of 2,000,000 cycles and is being clinically tested in Thailand.