GISS Slurry Unit can work with many forming processes such as:

Die Casting
In the GISS die casting process, the die casting machine and process cycle remain little changed from those of conventional die casting. The only added step occurs during the ladle transfer when a diamond probe is immersed. Therefore, no significant modifications need to be made to existing die-casting equipment.

Squeeze Casting
The addition of GISS process to make semi-solid slurry before squeeze casting process is very simple. This process provides high density, near-zero porosity, heat treatable and high mechanical properties.

Gravity Casting
GISS gravity casting have been developed and show the potential of products with improved mechanical properties, grain structure, reduced cycle time, and improved casting yield.

Alloys that can be processed with the GISS Technology
Pure aluminum, copper, silver, gold, and other metals can be processed with the GISS Technology along with many commercial alloys of aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper, lead, tin, and iron. Actually, all metals and alloys can be effectively processed with the GISS Technology.