The GISS technology improves casting quality while reducing production cost at the same time.The technology applies the Superheated Slurry Casting Process, the world’s latest metal casting innovation.

The GISS Technology is a quick solution technology for aluminum die casters who have porosity defect problems resulting in high reject rates. It is different from other solutions such as vacuum assist and squeeze pins because GISS Technology also reduces production costs while reducing the reject rates. Our customers are benefiting significant cost reduction applying the GISS Technology.

Besides improving quality and reducing cost, the GISS technology also enables die casting of wrought aluminum alloys such as 6061, 6063, and 7075 alloys, which can be anodized. This breakthrough will open up several opportunities in the die casting industry.

More information about GISS Technology can be downloaded here:  GISS_info.pdf.

The GISS Technology applies the Superheat Slurry Casting process, the world’s latest metal casting innovation*. Instead of casting very hot
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The key features of GISS Technology are as follows:- Gas porosity is reduced in the GISS casting process because the controlled solid fraction in the
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Because we are injecting slurry with lower heat content, controlled viscosity, and some initial nuclei, we can achieve cost benefits immediately using
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GISS Slurry Unit can work with many forming processes such as:Die Casting In the GISS die casting process, the die casting machine and process cycle
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