The GISS Technology applies the Superheat Slurry Casting process, the world’s latest metal casting innovation*. Instead of casting very hot liquid metal, the GISS Technology converts liquid metal into superheated slurry. Since the slurry is still superheated, it can effectively fill the die cavity. However, the slurry has significantly lower heat content than the liquid metal, so it gives several cost benefits such as die life extension and reduced cycle time. The fraction of solid, which can be controlled using the GISS unit, allows the control of flow pattern into the die cavity. As a result, gas porosity can be effectively controlled. Furthermore, the presence of pre-existing solid particles in the slurry changes the solidification mode of the metal in the die cavity such that shrinkage porosity is greatly reduced.

The GISS Technology creates the superheated slurry by using a special probe to inject micro-size inert gas bubbles in the liquid metal at the suitable conditions. Slurry with controlled fraction of solid is then ready for the casting process.

We, GISSCO, help our customers solve their problems by applying the GISS Units to the current production using existing die casting machines and dies, and provide full technical support to our customers. Customers can use the existing die designs without any modifciations to achieve the benefits of slurry casting process. We will provide technical support on the die casting parameter optimization to customers.



*International Patent Pending