The key features of GISS Technology are as follows:

- Gas porosity is reduced in the GISS casting process because the controlled solid fraction in the slurry yields less turbulent flow compared with conventional high-pressure die casting.

- Shrinkage porosity is reduced in the GISS casting process because the initial solid particles present in the slurry act as nucleation sites in liquid metal so that different mode of solidification is achieved with less shrinkage amount also.

- Slurries entered the die with significantly reduced heat content, resulting in shorter cycle time and longer die life.

- Solid particles in the slurries are ultra-fine, yielding easy flow into the ultra-thin sections and uniform microstructure.


With these features of the slurry produced by a GISS Slurry Unit, the casting conditions also need to be optimized in order to achieve improved quality and reduced production costs. Our GISSCO team will provide technical support and know-how to the customers as the technology solution.

GISS slurry casting can be cast under gravity pressure yielding finer and more uniform grain structure with less shrinkage porosity. In addition, the solidification time is about 40% shorter, which can give a significant saving in production cycle time.