Because we are injecting slurry with lower heat content, controlled viscosity, and some initial nuclei, we can achieve cost benefits immediately using the GISS Technology. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

  • Reject reduction due to gas porosity and shrinkage porosity from 10 – 50% to 1 – 5%*
  • Production cost reduction by 10 – 15%*
  • Cycle time reduction reduced by 15 – 25%*
  • Increased die life to 2 – 4 times*
  • Melting energy reduction, lubricant usage reduction, water treatment reduction by 15 – 30%*

It is noted that the actual saving and benefit values that are achieved vary, depending on the applications. In general, our customers have the pay-back period of about 6-12 months of the investment of the GISS Technology.