The 3rd International GISS Forum 2022 will be held in Thailand

The 3rd International GISS Forum will be held in Bangkok, Thailand during November 3-5, 2022.

This meeting will highlight:

  • Several successful GISS use cases and some of their results.
  • Representatives from automotive and consumer products industries will discuss their experience testing GISS applications.
  • Live demonstration of GISS slurry process, Vertical Casting System, Slurry Gravity Casting and GISS Slurry Forging.

After almost 19 years of development since the invention, GISS Technology has demonstrated success in industries around the world in reducing porosity of cast parts and the number of rejected parts, extending die life, and reducing energy and lubricant use. Looking to the future, the GISS Technology promises transform die casting applications in automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics with the opportunity to produce lighter products at the same strength, with better surface finish, and using special alloys. At GISSCO, we believe we are at an inflection point for the industry and that the adoption of the GISS Technology will increase geometrically over the next few years. Given this potential, GISSCO Company Limited organizes a meeting of die casting leaders from around the world to discuss the success of the GISS technology and share ideas about future potential. Participation of the GISS Forum 2022 will be by Invitation only. If you would like more information and would like to join, please contact us directly. See you soon.