GISSCO won the 2nd prize at the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2014 (AEA) during July 13-15, 2014 in Japan. AEA is a business competition originating from Japan, that gathers young entrepreneurs from all over Asia in order to spread their innovative technology across the globe.The semifinal presentation among 17 companies from 14 Asian countries (4 companies from Japan) was held on 14th July. The companies were drawn into 4 groups and 6 companies were selected from the top teams of the 4 groups to present in the final round. After 2 days of intense competition, GISSCO won the 2nd prize.

GISSCO Business Profile:

GISSCO is poised to disrupt the mature industry of die casting, a metal fabrication process in widespread use in a variety of industries. GISSCO offers die casters and parts producers substantial improvements in process time, lower parts rejects, longer die life, and better material properties in finished parts by utilizing a technology called semi-solid metal die casting.The founder of GISSCO developed this patented technology while at MIT and launched a company four years ago to make it available to manufacturers in Thailand and Asia. To date, GISSCO has retrofitted a number of existing installations and has distribution channels in Thailand, S. Korea, and the US.

GISSCO is seeking like-minded partners who can provide financial resources and industry expertise to help reach new markets in Japan, the rest of Asia, and the rest of the world, and also launch follow-on casting systems which produce optimized die cast parts with a maximum of strength while minimizing material, die wear, and process time. In short, GISSCO will transform die casting, creating better products, with lower energy, lower maintenance. Ultimately, GISSCO envisions a day of 100% reject-free die casting.